Making silver overlay jewelry with glass and porcelain

Este libro se centra en cómo trabajar con Art Clay de la serie 650 con vidrio y porcelana.

Incluye proyectos únicos e insólitos no solo de joyas.


  • Dichroic glass: making a brilliant brooch od dichroic glass and pure silver
  • Glass & Lab created stones: making a dichroic pendant with lab created stones
  • Bora Bora Glass (Glass frit powder): making a bora bora pendant
  • Stained glass: making a brooch using stained glass and pure silver
  • Dalle glass: making an oriental choker using Dalle de Verre and Overlay Silver Paste
  • Decals on glass: making a pendant using decals on glass
  • Neon tube: making a pendant using neon tubes
  • Borosilicate glass: making a pendant with borosilicate glass
  • Welcome to the World of Silver Overlay
  • Loopframe & Drawing
  • Modeling & Two-point setting & Scratch
  • Extended Frame
  • Silver Composition
  • Highbase-mount
  • Twistframe & Movement
  • Design patterns & Shapes

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